kizuki kozo natural sized

samenstelling: 99% Thai kozo 1% kozo houtpulp
gebruik: conservatie, grafiek, zeefdruk, lithografie
grammage: 43g
afmeting :610 x 991 mm

Fibre Content:99% Thai kozo, 1% wood pulpFibre:Kozo, Wood Pulp

Usage:Conservation, Printmaking, Silkscreen, Lithography, Relief Print, Collograph, Intaglio, Oil Based, Water Based, Mokuhanga, Brush Painting

This moderately heavy paper is made with a light internal sizing making it less absorbent than most types of washi. Very suitable for water-based media, including mokuhanga and watercolour painting. Fibre cooked with caustic soda, coloured with direct synthetic dye for a consistent 'natural' tone.


Size Imperial: 24 x 39"

Vezel: kozo
Grammage: 43 g
Gebruik: zeefdruk, grafiek, ...